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Cleveland Rocked for Hallie and Micís Wedding!




The Deegan clan gathered in Cleveland the weekend of March 25, 2006 to attend the wedding of Hallie Deegan and Mic Lunden. 

The festivities started on Thursday evening with a great dinner with Hallie, Tim Deegan and his family at a trendy place on the edge of Clevelandís Tremont area.  On Friday night, 30+ family members gathered at another restaurant in the historic Warehouse district to eat and share stories, with further conversation and drinks (of course) back at the hotel.

Saturday, the weather decided to turn wintery and it snowed for Hallie and Micís special day!  It was light enough to be pretty but not cause too much trouble.  Hallie looked absolutely radiant as she walked down the aisle at Gesu Church and met her handsome groom Mic Lunden.

The reception was a beautiful party at the Key Marriott with good food, drinks and lots of dancing as youíll see in the photos.  It was great to see everyone and hold the new babies in the family! 

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